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Redemption Community World Ministries, Inc,

 Policy on   Membership  

Details on Membership as Defined in the church's Bylaws

Redemption Community World Ministries, Inc., is a Christian church that prides itself in being a religion in which all humans could participate.  We say this,  because of our belief that all men are created equal and desire to survive in comfort peace and happiness. This is what all humans strive to do throughout their tenure on this earth.  Such entities, however, need to be given the freedom to participate in he resources that God has placed on his earth, from which all humans could take to build their lives.  According to Christ, however, anchoring such freedom must be unity and love, through the utilization of kingdoms.

 Notwithstanding the fact that  RCWM is  a church for all peoples, we must follow the policies by which we have been shaped into a denomination. To enable our members to participate with us in relation to our rules, we have implemented the the following  are   policies on membership.  Please respect them as we all attempt to serve our Lord.  

1. The church   shall be a membership organization, with its members being individuals who have been received into the  church by any of the  following methods, subject to the approval of the church in each case:

A. Baptism by Immersion and application:


Any person who accepts Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and Lord and who is in accord with the doctrines and practices of   Redemption Community World Ministries, Inc., can be received into the membership of the church, following his/her baptism by immersion and his testimony to the church that he willingly accepts being a full member of the church. 

B. Letter:

A person, who is in accord with the doctrine and practices of this church as defined in its bylaws and statement of faith, may be received by letter of commendation from any other Christian Church that observes baptism by immersion.

C. Christian experience:

 A believer, who has formerly been a member of a Christian Church that observes baptism by immersion and who  is in substantial accord with the doctrines and practices of this church may be received into membership   based on   his Christian experience as stated in a signed application in which he commits him or herself, vowing to abide by the principles of the church, including it bylaws and statement of faith.

D. By restoration. Any person who has lost his membership in this church for any reason may be restored to membership, upon recommendation of the deaconate and a vote  by the church to re-include such a person as a member of the church.

Section 2. Persons may be dismissed from membership in  Redemption Community World Ministries, Inc., by any of the following methods:

A. By death:

B. By letter. Any member in good standing may receive a letter of dismissal and recommendation to another Christian Church, following the approval of this church. The name of the church to which the membership is being transferred shall be named in the request and the letter shall be sent to the pastor or clerk of that church.

C. By exclusion:

In light of the forgiving attitude, which we believe Christians must rightfully     display toward their Christian brothers and sisters, we must strive to avoid circumstances that may create hard feelings or resentments. Notwithstanding these things, should any member become an offense to the church by reason of unchristian-like  conduct, or by persistent breach of his covenant vows with the church, the church may terminate his membership, but only after the provisions of Matthew 18:15-17 have been carefully followed.

The pastor and the deacons of the church, before dismissal of the foregoing person,  shall faithfully attempt to bring about repentance and amendment on the part of the offending party. However should all efforts be exhausted, in the discretion of the church, such member may be dismissed from the fellowship of the church by a majority vote of the members present at any regular business meeting or special meeting called for that purpose.

To become an RCWM member, please  selectmembership application form. Submit such form for approval.



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