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RCWM Branch Churches

Redemption Kingdom Center

The foundation church of RCWM, Redemption Kingdom Center facilitates dissemination of its philosophy through scholarship to those aspiring to become leaders and administrators of the organization.  For more information about the flagship church visit www.redemptionkingdom.org or e-mail: rkc@redemption.org


Kingdom Deliverance Center

The first branch of RCWM youth arm, KDC zealously promotes a center of deliverance for the young members and other youth of communities where ever our churches are located.  To find out more about Kingdom Deliverance Center's youth programs visit: kingdomdeliverance.org or e-mail: kdc@redemption.org


Tree of Life Ministries

The first branch of RCWM seniors' church, TOLM serves the seniors in our community by providing for their spiritual and physical needs.  Our church services are geared to provide the spiritual food that the seniors in our congregation and throughout the immediate community stand in need of.  To learn more about Tree of Life Ministries' programs visit: www.redemptiontolm.org or e-mail: tolm@redemptionworld.org  


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