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The RCWM seniors program is unique and is designed to meet the needs of the seniors in our church congregations and the in the communities wherever our churches are domiciled.  Through the church program, our seniors' spiritual needs are met as they fellowship together each week. 


However, in accordance with our goal to provide as much support as we can to senior citizens, our seniors' ministry is not isolated from the rest of the churchís programs.  The seniors are integrated into the churchís entire program encompassing the spiritual, social, cultural and developmental aspects of their lives., as we glean from their spiritual wisdom.


To aid in meeting their physical needs our seniors are able to access our Quality of Life Center where they receive food and other basic need items, aiding in supplementing their income.  The health of our seniors is also closely monitored to ensure that they will receive the medical care that they need when necessary.


RCWM's seniors are also essential to the mission of the Church, and through this department, the Church recognizes the presence of God in our seniors, accepting them as being vital to the building of Godís Kingdom.


If you wish to learn more about our seniors program, please visit www.redemptiontolm.org.




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