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Remember, for the downhearted, there  can be  hope. For the poor there  can be wealth. For the weak, there can be strength. The powerless can acquire power.

 All of the foregoing, however, must be anchored by a  your implementation of    Jesus' method of kingdom unity,   that he gave to the world while he was on this earth and the implementation of that entity. 

 Site Editor: Gatty James

Publisher: Kingdom House Press - RCWM.

All materials  are the properties of Redemption Community World Ministries, Inc. 




RCWM'S Statement of Faith

The following Statement of Faith  is designed to  promote the spiritual and physical deliverance of humans. It is also designed to help people acquire the confidence that God wants his people to possess to utilize their capacities towards building his kingdom which is enshrouded in the selves of all of the kingdom builders of the world.

The following are the Principles  or the philosophy by which all of the   members of RCWM are guided:

We believe:

1.   In God and His, Ten Commandment which he gave to Moses to help his Hebrew family, as the moral and ethical principles, the basis by which all humans should be guided in the world.


 2.   That all men are created equal in the sight of God and therefore, all men should be seen as being equal by all people.


3.   That our Messenger, our Founder, was inspired by God to implement our  denomination as a   mechanism by which  all humans  could manifest support of one another as God manifested his love for us, through the giving of His Son towards our deliverance from sin.


4.   That God manifests Himself to man through his people, who we are.  To benefit form this manifestation beyond subsistence, we must understand that we must help one another.

5.   That our love for God is enshrouded in ourselves, culturally, historically.  Knowledge of God, therefore, becomes knowledge of ourselves, with which we must be equipped as the basis by which we could ensure our deliverance. 

6.    That being saved is enshrouded in our ability to utilize our capabilities as defined by Jesus Christ, which is the basis of our deliverance.  This can only be obtained through our understanding of His teachings.

7.    That the duty of man is to implement instruments by which acts of love could be manifested towards others, especially in the kingdom to which he belongs, which would result in  his transformations that of his community and his nation.

 8.  That all humans possess the God Given capacity and powers, to have dominion, to share in the building of his portion of Godís Kingdom, which begins with the implementation of self-developing actions in the homes, organizations and communities in which such humans dwell.

 9.  That transformation, which includes abundant life, must be anchored by knowledge, freedom and happiness, the bases of the acquisition of Holy Spirit which all humans could achieve, through our implementation of the powers that God has bestowed on us.

 10.That our lives must be spent working for God,  implementing  gospel of hope that things are possible to those who believe in Jesus of  which the world should be informed before the end comes.

11. That our God is awesome, powerful and does answer prayers. But that the answering of our prayers is enshrouded in the building of kingdoms that must include our families, friends and churches through which such prayers could be heard. For God being a spirit, utilizes us as his instruments by which the prayers of those around us could be heard and answered. We must, through our actions, become involved in answering the prayers of those who are close to us.  We must be our brothersí keepers.

12. That our purpose for attending church is to gather together as one with our fellow members to hear their prayers to share their problems and to help. To view what the church stands for or how you can be a part of us,  go  to our philosophy. To Learn how to enhance your quality of life, go to quality of life center.  To become a church member go to membership.  To return to the home page, go to Home.



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