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WELCOME to the Virtual Church of Redemption Community World Ministries, Inc. (RCWMs Virtual Church)

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Our mission at RCWM is to heed Jesus command to His disciples to take His gospel of the kingdom to people throughout the world.  We see such a gospel as a method through which all of the worlds peoples, regardless of where we dwell, would be able to erase sin from our lives.  We believe this could be achieved if such a gospel, when it is preached to us is designed to teach us how convert the hope which we are given through such a gospel from words to flesh or action, based on 1 John 3: 14 or as Christ did with the five loaves and two fishes with which He fed the five thousand as recorded in John 6; Matthew 14 and Luke 9.  The underlying message that Christ wanted us to receive here is that each of the worlds kingdoms is filled with capacities, especially humans, with which their peoples could implement their own spiritual deliverance, by utilizing Jesus method of kingdom deliverance.

RCWMs Virtual Church provides us  with an opportunity to share with potential members of our church, our current members, our partners and the general public our view of the manner in which Christ practiced His mission while He was in the world over two thousand years ago,  as He commissioned us to do in Matthew 28:18-20.

RCWMs Virtual Church gives our Virtual Partners, our members and potential members, those who are sick and shut-ins, home-bound and others who may not be able to physically attend church at one of our physical locations for church services in person the opportunity to interact with, connect with and stay connected to us virtually, especially in areas where we do not presently have a physical presence.

Who are or can become RCWM Virtual Church Partners?

  • Parents whove had their children blessed here and want to remain connected RCWM.  

  • Individuals who want to be informed of what the RCWM ministry is doing in their community and may want to help.  

  • Individuals who live in areas where RCWM does not currently have a physical presence but want to connect to RCWM weekly services, messages and be informed of current outreach activities and may want to help.

  • Individuals who understand how difficult it is to sustain outreach activities in areas where there is a high level of poverty and would like to make RCWM a regular recipient of their charitable donations.

  • Individuals who want to support our efforts to take Jesus message/teachings of the Kingdom of Heaven to the world, showing members of the worlds kingdoms how to achieve the abundant life that Christ promised in John 10:10, if we would follow his method of kingdom building.


To become an RCWM Virtual Partner, click here to register.            Click here for messages and songs.

If you would like to support RCWMs ministry, you may send your checks and money orders to one of the addresses listed below:



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