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At RCWM,  we are an interactive church that strives to encourage  inclusion of  all of our members. To that effect, all are given the opportunity to share in our efforts to reach out to the needy in our domiciled communities.  To make such people aware of our church services and other important activities, we have implemented this bulletin board.  Upcoming events that will be implemented by RCWM  churches in the communities that they serve are posted here.


In keeping with our policy on kingdom building, those church members who are in need among us, who need to inform the public about special events and cannot meet the cost of the media and other advertising services are  encouraged to use this bulletin board  towards meeting such needs.  This includes posting important information such as funerals, christenings, marriages and other special events on this board. Members, please confirm with our regulations by clearing your upcoming event to be posted  with  RCWM's  events planning committee.

How to use this  Board


For needy members  who wish to post events on this board, please submit your events thirty days before the event will take place.  For those who wish to attend an event, browse the board for the event you wish to attend. Upon finding it, you may either call us or email us for more information, or register online for that event.  Where tickets are required for events, potential patrons must allow three weeks for their tickets to be mailed to them.  Remember, our objective is to serve  you in patience, truth and respect and reliably. To do this, we need your cooperation. May God bless you.


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