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The Organization

Redemption Community World Ministries, Inc. is a Christian denomination; a system by which humans throughout the world could utilize Christ's method of kingdom building towards fostering their deliverance. The organization is made up of  specialized sectors that are designed to meet the spiritual and physical needs of its members and the public. 



Our outreach arm is represented by Redemption Quality of Life Center, which provides ongoing support to families and youth in crisis, in inner city communities, particularly in the Ease New York/Brownsville areas of New York City, its five boroughs of New York City and the rest of the United States, by which such entities could enhance their life qualities.




The RCWM values the youth of our communitiesyouth is served through a unique church program and our outreach arm.  The program is youth-led, based on their needs guided by committed, spirit-filled leaders. 


Our objectives are:

  • To show our youth,  how they could  ensure their comfort and happiness as they attempt to serve God.

  • To help the youth of our communities understand how they could reconcile  their  physical actions with  their own spiritual deliverance.  

We are dedicated to bringing the teachings of Jesus Christ as enshrined in the four gospels of the bible, Mathew, Mark, Luke and John, to all mankind, especially young people. Learn more about our youth ministry go to


The goal of our Senior's department is enshrouded in our desire to enable humans, especially senior citizens  to serve God wherever they abide in the world.  Our objectives are:

  • To  work to ensure the comfort and happiness of seniors and other needy persons as they attempt to serve God.

  • To visit sick and shut-in seniors and help to promote wholeness of their health.

  • To   send cards and provide other charitable tangible mechanisms of comfort and support to needy seniors.

  • To provide transportation by which seniors could get to church to  serve God.

  • To provide seniors with needed food, clothes and other basic-need item through which they could enjoy good life qualities.

To learn more about RCWM's unique Senior's church program, please visit:




Young people are our most valuable resources. They are the future of the world who spend their days dreaming, planning ways by which they could satisfy the huge  roles that they must fill in the future.    It behooves everyone to whom they look for guidance to implement elements by which they could aspire to whatever they want to  become.


And so, our educational concepts stem from the precepts presented at our school of philosophy, Redemption Institute of Theology. RCWM's educational program is centered around our adults and youths, and is designed to complement the program of education that is provided by the schools that the youth attend.  For more our RCWM's dynamic youth education program, please visit:





We are pleased to provide comprehensive information on health services for our members and the general public worldwide.  The goal is to facilitate health services through which those we serve might be able to enhance their quality of life. We provide this service in accordance with the bible's teachings that the human body is God's temple and that we must act as caretakers of our bodies on behalf of God. 1 Corinthians 6:19. This command was given to all that interact in the world, on which humans depend for guidance. RCWM therefore sees the provision of support by which our members could acquire the best health services, by which they could maintain healthy bodies as part of its obligation. 

To Learn more about our health resource center, please visit our Health Resource Center. To learn more about our administration visit our organization chart.







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