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About the Institute

The Redemption Institute of Theology was founded in January 2002 by Reverend Dr. Gatty James as a New York City based Center of Learning for the members of Redemption Community World Ministries, Inc., a church organization.  The Board of Trustees of RCWM met on April 10th, of 2001 after seeing the need to implement the denominationís messages of hope and  love to all peoples and by a unanimous vote, mandated that Redemption Institute of Theology be created.  The mandate reads:



We the board of Trustees of Redemption Community World Ministries Inc., after seeing the need for transmitting our gospel of deliverance and hope throughout the world towards the savings of all mankind, hereby sanction the immediate creation and development of Redemption Institute of Theology in the Borough of Brooklyn, State of New York and elsewhere, on June  1st, 2002.  The purpose for implementing the Institute is to equip ministers, deacons and teachers and members of our churches with scholarship that would enable them to promote the development of man in accordance with the method of kingdom building as defined by our Lord Jesus Christ. 

A certificate shall be issued to graduates upon completion of the instituteís course of study.   Ordination as a minister of an RCWM church will follow providing graduates complete the necessary internship as required for being ordained as an RCWM minister of the gospel.

The Institute is further mandated to build towards becoming a full university in the United States of America and throughout the world, teaching courses as mandated by its education committee and the laws of such lands.

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The purpose for creating the Institute is as follows:

  • To prepare ministers, deacons, teachers, laymen of RCWM in the theological philosophy of  Redemption Community World Ministries Inc., as such relate to that of Jesus Christís methods of Saving  mankind, which includes meeting the spiritual and physical needs of the community and the self, and to provide intellectual guidance to our churches and their members through which they could grow.


  • To prepare the above named individuals intellectually in church planning and church management, the management of human resources as such relates to the church, church liturgy and other aspects of the development of RCWM, with the aim to meet the spiritual and physical challenges that the church faces, as it moves through the twenty first century, especially in inner city communities throughout the world over.


  • To identify the true meanings of love, faith, prayer, and human deliverance in relation to the self, and how such elements could be effected among all humans, towards meeting their spiritual and physical needs and the challenges that such members face in their daily lives.

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The Institute was established for the purpose of preparing individuals for services as ministers, teachers & deacons and other church-based offices, in Redemption Community World Ministries, Inc.  While our courses are not recognized by any other institutions, they are fully recognized by our churches and our members.

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 Statement Of Non-discrimination

 Redemption Institute of Theology is an equal opportunity organization and an affirmative action institution.  The institute does not discriminate against any individual on the basis of age, sexual orientation, race, color, national or ethnic origin, disability, or marital status in its admission of students.

Redemption Institute of Theology adheres to all federal, state and local laws and the administration of  education policies designed by these institutions.

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